The Number Three: Bible Numerology Code

The Holy Bible has so many hidden symbols, especially when it has to do with numbers. Maybe one of the most widely spread and indispensable is number three. Number three is the main symbol of the Holy Trinity which is an essential part of God: the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. This meaning of number three is quite obvious, but this number is full of other more profound in meaning symbols, usually describing progress and increase.

Only 3 out of 12 apostles were chosen to companion Jesus to Gethsemane - John, Peter and James. Among the others these 3 people were chosen to show the importance of kindness, existence, and light. The triple power of three sides of human mind - conscious, subconscious and superconscious is emphasized with the words of Christ to Peter and James" love us to thou me?” This love that has no borders demonstrates that people who are able to incorporate all these features in their mind with godly emotion can feel the power of Jesus that flows though them.

Number three can be found really often in the story of Jesus. Three sages call on him the eve of his birth. Peter refused from knowing him trice. Judas got 30 pieces o silver (which is a multiple of three) to give up Jesus. The crucifixion of Christ was shown among two thieves, making the number of accused people again 3. The resurrection of Christ happened on the third day. The 12 disciples can be easily divided into three parts.

It is well known that three people were resuscitated by Jesus. Only three feasts are indicated in the Bible itself: The Tabernacle, Weeks and unleavened bread feast. Number three also occurs in the Jonah story, when he had gone through three days in the belly of a whale. Only three archangels are mentioned in the Bible: Gabrielle, Michael and Rafael.

Except the heavenly Trinity, the Old Testament also mentions the first Trinity: Adam, Eve and the first child. It is a symbol of expansion and prosperity of the mankind.

There are plenty of numbers 3 or Trinity mentions in the Holy Book. Some of them can be associated with mind, body and soul, and other can be described as conscious, superconscious and subconscious. Nowadays, it is obvious that the influence of number three is shared with New and Old Testaments.

Christianity views the history dividing it into three main periods: the Old and New Covenants, and the future when Jesus Christ comes back on Earth.

There are three main descriptions of Jesus in the Bible. Through the different parts of the Bible we imagined Jesus as a shepherd, a good shepherd when speaking of his death, a great shepherd when speaking about his resurrection and the main shepherd when honoring his lordliness. Also interesting thing is that God communicated with his son and believers only three times.

For people who believe in the inspiration that comes from the Holy Book, numerology provides profound knowledge that comes from the analysis of the Bible. This wisdom is eternal and will help people through centuries.

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