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The Number Ten: Bible Numerology Code

Number 10 in Biblical Numerology plays an essential role, because it is connected to the 10 commandments given to people on the Mount Sinai. Number 10 is also present in 10 plagues of Egypt and 10 nations.

Greek Gods are also associated with number ten, and especially with titan Atlas who carried the weight of our world on his body, and Uranus who is associated with intelligence and fantasy.

Number 10 is a symbol of infinite activity. It is a peak of heavenly order. We use this number very often. Almost every day we estimate something on the scale from 1 to 10, where 10 is the greatest mark, something outstanding and good.

Number 10 personifies the divine order and full completion, wholeness, as well as number 1. Pythagoras believed that everything around us can be imagined in numbers, and number 10 stood for universe, for the common knowledge of humanity. Number ten is two times five (5+5) which is a symbol of two opposing sides of our mind: development and retrogression. Zero in number ten should be viewed as a circle, cycle and it means wholeness. Number one, placed right beside zero shows the assemblage of other numbers in one.

The main and most widespread association of number 10 is the Ten Commandments that Moses got from God.

Another association is ten generations that passed from Adam to Noah. One of the most important events - descending of the Holy Spirit - happened 10 days after the Ascension of Christ. 10 lazars cured by Jesus. In the Holy Book number 10 appears when 10 pounds were bestowed to ten servants in parable.

The influence of Bible only grows because it shows the meaning of number 10 in relation to the past holy events.

This number is very frequent to see in the Bible. There are 10 powers opposed to the love of God, 10 evils that are the obstacle to become a part of God's kingdom; 10 witnesses who stimulated Boaz to take Ruth to wife. 10 Plagues of Egypt depicted as insects expansion, diseases of people and animals, natural catastrophes, death and illnesses of newborns, and terrible illnesses that were sent by God may refer to number 10. Here the completeness of this number is especially clear, as plagues have filled almost all the spheres of humans' lives.

Number 10 in the Biblical numerology may symbolize 10 unfriendly to Israel nations. It is generally known that God changed the angle of the altitude dial by 10 degrees. 10 is a symbol of ideality in everything, of completeness whether it is something good or not: 10 plagues, 10 commandments, 10x10 sockets of Tabernacle foundation, one tenth of your income makes the tithe, and 10 starting words "I AM's" with which Jesus appealed in John.

The impact of this number only rises, because of its abundant presence in the Biblical events.

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